Catena Block Solutions has developed a number of key blockchain capabilities that we can offer our clients. These include modelling their business network for blockchain design, sensor integration and cross-chain solutions. We build these for specific use cases in order to meet business needs. 


Our multidisciplinary teams of engineers and developers are experienced in standardized Smart Contract design and deployment. We use scorecards to measure performance and determine benefit. 


Our clients rely on our commitment to stable, visible and cost effective solutions when designing cloud architectures and migrating their on-premise  resources. We have experience with all major cloud platforms and can accommodate a diverse set of information requirements.   

Many of our products are cloud-hosted and as such, we are able to make informed design decisions regarding cloud resources and topologies. 


Catena Block Solutions has developed cutting edge development operations (DevOps) practices, which we put to use every day and in various environments. As such these have been tested and proven and form part of our capability map.  

Technology companies or those comprising technical teams can up-skill and amplify their teams abilities using our methods. 


We have proven delivery in a range of high quality software. From web applications using advanced continuous delivery pipelines   to mobile applications that interface with embedded systems. Our teams have strong backend and frontend skills and are supported by an advanced set of automated quality control and development systems that make them even more efficient and effective.


Our developers love what they do and are encouraged to make use of new and exciting toolsets. 


Catena Block Solutions has skills in data acquisition and analytics. Our teams have engineering backgrounds, giving us ability to model systems and track information flow down to the physical sensing equipment. These capabilities are supported by elegant dashboard design.  

We have delivered both business and technical dashboards to clients and use our own dashboards for monitoring and alerts.


Delivering quality products consistently across varying industries and use-cases is not easy. We utilize Test Driven Development (TDD) methodologies and quality control tools to ensure that we get repeatable outcomes, even when using newer technology sets. 

We have QA systemized at the business and technology level and can help companies do the same.