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Smart Contracts for Fuels Supply

-- A platform for contract formation, storage and execution. --

Our solution codifies the contractual obligations between manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fuels using smart contracts. It provides a secure network which integrates documents, customers, orders and legal authorities in one immutable system. It contains a secure, encrypted and available document repository and integrates with real world sensors for increased visibility, mitigated risk and increased transaction speed. 

Autonomous Road Inspection Solution 

-- A solution enabling autonomous inspection of haul roads -- 

This solution comprises a web application backend, embedded systems for data capture and android applications for networking. It allows for administrators to set inspections that are then carried out and returned autonomously on mine roads in open pit mine sites. Built-in fail safe modes and test driven development are key in these harsh environments.  


Energy Management Information System 

-- An energy reporting system for large enterprise --

This solution requires detailed mapping of information flow from sensor level all the way to group/corporate reporting level.  This requires information aggregation and large scale analytics abilities. All of this was accomplished using modern cloud architecture to reduce costs and reliance on on-premise infrastructure. New migration techniques were developed and implemented. 

Savings Simulator

-- A simulator for determining potential savings on treated haul roads --

This web application creates dynamic reports of potential savings that can be made after a haul road has been properly treated with product. It incorporates user input signals and allows for real time break-even and other metric plots. It is platform agnostic and generates pdf reports to be sent to the user for future reference.