Catena Block Solutions was borne of a desire to proliferate the spread of Industry 4.0. 

The founders had seen opportunities to develop capabilities in blockchain and smart contracts in industries that their networks had deep knowledge in. Driven by the urge to innovate and combined with a love of engineering, technology and computer science, the founding team completed successful industry proof of concepts and consulting work. 


Since then we have undertaken many successful projects and have grown our core team, capabilities, IP and enterprise clientele.  

The word catena means a connected series or chain; For it is through a series of small actions done right that great feats are accomplished. 

Paul Rawlins
Founder, CEO 
founder paul rawlins
Alexander Whiting
Founder, CTO 
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Daniel Kolev
Founder, Engineering Lead
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Thomas Torocsik
Founder, Fintech Entrepreneur 
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