We have capabilities in key technology areas which include:

  • Blockchain-enabled Solutions Development


  • Software Engineering


  • Cloud Systems Migration

  • Information Systems

Our teams are supported by modern tools and paradigms in Development Operations, providing faster time to market with increased solution stability and maintainability.  



Catena Block Solutions has provably demonstrated performance by completing projects involving:

  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain for Logistics

  • Advanced Web Applications

  • Lightweight Mobile Applications

  • Large scale Cloud Information Systems

Our teams have executed both in small projects and at scale.



We service enterprises in a range of industries from energy to insurance.

Our clients are technology and analytics focused but share the desire to drive business value by ustilizing modern technology developments. 


Our primary goal is to help clients reduce spending as a percentage of cost by streamlining, securing and maturing communication across their value chains.

Our solutions are business value oriented from inception to delivery. 


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